Non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoid in Bratislava

Hemorrhoids is one of the most common diseases, of which about 14% of the adult population of the country suffer. Despite the scale of the problem, many patients find the disease either not serious, or too delicate for a visit to the doctor, and resort to self-medication - often unsuccessful, and the disease passes into more serious stage. If you feel discomfort in the rectum, do not be afraid to visit the doctor, most hemorrhoids can be cured by a painless method, after which you will forget about the problem forever.

The "DoctorPro" medical center uses modern non-surgical methods of hemorrhoids treatment, which the doctor selects on the basis of diagnostic data, in particular of the stage of the disease as well as characteristics of the organism and other factors.

Initial evaluation is to include video diagnostics, it lasts about 40 minutes.

In the DoctorPro medical center used are two methods of non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • latex ligation;
  • infrared coagulation.

On the average, the hemorrhoids treatment course consists of 5-8 procedures. The patient is not in a hospital. We do not have an in-patient facility. These are out-patient treatment methods, allowing the patient immediately after a visit to the doctor to return to his/her normal life: to work, to sit down into the car or return to the family. There is a number of recommendations, which will be introduced to you by the doctor after the manipulation.

The rubber band ligation

The rubber band ligation is the following procedure: using a special tool hemorrhoid bolus is pulled and on its leg a latex rubber band is put. Blood flow to the bolus is stopped, and in a few days after the procedure, it is ejected on its own. During the manipulation the patient lies on his/her left side with legs bent in knees.

The ligation is appointed by the proctologist for internal hemorrhoids, when the limits of boluses are clearly expressed. It should be noted that prior to the complete ejection the patient can feel the presence of a foreign body and a light pain syndrome, which is easily managed.

Depending on the characteristics of the disease run (in the cases of combined hemorrhoids), the methods can be combined that will allow achieving the maximum effect.

In the cases, when the hemorrhoids had passed into the fourth stage, accompanied by the constant prolapse of the boluses, it is necessary only need surgical treatment only is required. In doing so hemorrhoidal boluses are excised with a scalpel. Such a procedure is called hemorrhoidectomy. The hemorrhoidectomy requires a staying the patient in the hospital, as a rule, it is conducted under general anesthesia, requires special preparation for the operation. After the surgery the patient is undergoing the hardest recovery period. A risk of different infectious complications is extremely high.

Therefore, we very strongly recommend that you do not put off a visit to the proctologist. Such a disease as hemorrhoids does not pass on its own. It cannot be cured with ointments and suppositories! It's an illusion! Even if you experience a minimal discomfort, remember that the disease progresses and may exacerbate at the wrong time, for example on the eve of a trip or an important event. Do not play with fire! Refer to the proctologist now when it is still possible to treat you without surgery, with minimal discomfort and minimal financial losses.

DoctorPRO center’s medical professionals will advise you in details and select the best treatment, after which you will forget about this delicate issue.

MUDr. Tibor Molnar
MUDr. Tibor Molnar
Doctor of department of proctology

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