Treatment of external hemorrhoid in Bratislava

The diagnosis of external hemorrhoid is determined by the patient when he has hemorrhoidal nodes due to the disease on the outer part of the anus. In a resting state, the external hemorrhoidal node usually does not cause discomfort. However, external hemorrhoid can cause serious complications, such as thrombosis of hemorrhoidal nodes. In this case, the node is already painful and causes discomfort. Because of the risk of concomitant diseases, treating an external hemorrhoid is a mandatory procedure for each patient.

Treatment of the external hemorrhoidal nodes

Depending on the stage of the disease, the proctologist determines how to treat external hemorrhoid: treatment may be conservative, non-surgical or surgical.
Conservative treatment of external hemorrhoid is a complex of measures aimed at eliminating inflammation, adjusting the blood flow into the rectum, and adjusting the stool. A conservative approach involves both general and local therapies, supplemented by special procedures. Surgical methods are used in the event of acute complications - thrombosis, bleeding, etc. Surgical intervention is necessary when it is shown that the treatment of external hemorrhoid in a different way would be ineffective. The non-surgical method removes external hemorrhoid without using the scalpel.
Medical centers "DoctorPRO" specialize exclusively on non-surgical methods, such as: latex ring ligature, infra-red coagulation and dearterialization of hemorrhoidal nodes.
Treatment of external hemorrhoidal nodes is possible by a non-surgical method. However, the disease itself can be a manifestation of various internal lesions of the mucous membrane of the rectum. Determining the correct diagnosis affects not only the effectiveness of the treatment of external hemorrhoidal nodes, but also the patient’s overall health.
Specialists of the Medical Center "DoctorPRO" have extensive knowledge, practical skills and rich experience, and can always choose the best way to treat external hemorrhoid. A comprehensive and responsive approach to each patient is a guarantee of successful treatment and early detection of the underlying disease.
The Medical Centers “DoctorPRO” specialize exclusively in non-surgical methods, such as: rubber band ligation, infrared coagulation and dearterialization of hemorrhoidal nodes, that intrusted by patients in many countries and considered to be the "golden standard" among proctologists. Although, the use of non-invasive methods of treatment of the disease is possible only if the disease is not neglected and the patient visits the physician in time. This treatment does not require hospitalization, and one procedure takes a relatively short time. In the ligature, a latex ring is placed on the trunk of the hemorrhoidal node, which stops the blood supply to the node and within a week it dies off. With infrared coagulation, the proctologist acts on the trunk of the node with a beam of infrared rays. After 2-3 procedures, the hemorrhoidal node falls off and is secreted naturally from the body. In dearterialization of hemorrhoidal nodes, the proctologist, using a special device, returns the hemorrhoidal node to its natural state.

MUDr. Tibor Molnar
MUDr. Tibor Molnar
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