Treatment of anal fissures in Bratislava

A rectal crack (fissure) is a defect of the anal mucosa and accompanied by pain symptoms both during defecation and after it, in particular in cases of chronic diseases. Despite its seeming insignificance, the anal fissure may be the beginning of serious complications up to colitis and prostatitis, so if you have specific symptoms in the anal region is recommended to consult a doctor.

Common causes of such disorders are:

  • chronic constipations or diarrhea;
  • chronic hemorrhoids;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • abuse of spicy food and alcohol;
  • mechanical traumas to the anal canal.

The pain in the anal region may be associated with other more serious diseases, so it is a need to conduct proctology examination for making a correct diagnosis.

Medical specialists of the DoctorPRO medical center conduct comprehensive non-surgical treatment of the anal fissure depending on the form of the disease, in particular an acute form or that chronic.

In cases, when the anal fissure has appeared recently, for treatment used is a complex of ointments alleviating muscle spasms and contributing to fast healing. In addition, much attention is paid to the patient's diet: for the duration of the treatment of eating spicy and salty foods, carbonated drinks and all foods that irritate the intestinal walls, preventing the recovery should be excluded from the meal. If the rectal disease is chronic, the doctor uses for treatment the radio-wave unit "Surgitron", which is carefully excises the edges of the fissure by minimal cuts, and it soon heals up.

As compared with other methods, the radio wave treatment has many advantages:

  • painless both during the procedure itself and during the healing period;
  • no need in anesthesia. The maximum that may be necessary is the application of an anesthetic gel to relieve the discomfort;
  • such complications as swelling and recurrences reduce, and healing occurs faster.

If you feel discomfort in the anal region, do not put off a visit to the doctor: the earlier diagnosis is made, the more effective treatment is.

MUDr. Tibor Molnar
MUDr. Tibor Molnar
Doctor of department of proctology

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