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Trichoscopy in Bratislava

Treatment of hair and scalp involves an integrated approach - prescription of physiotherapeutic procedures, drugs for external use and a course of mesotherapy.

Prescribing a course of treatment for hair and scalp depends on the diagnostics. “DoctorPRO Bratislava” uses computer trichoscope - a device that allows digital diagnostics and assessment of the entire hair growth system. 

Examination by a trichologist includes the following:

  • collection of information about the disease;
  • digital diagnostics using a trichoscope;
  • assessment of the hair and scalp condition;
  • assignment of treatment.

Advantages of hair trichoscopy

The advantages trichoscopy include its accuracy, safety, painlessness, non-invasiveness, high information content and the absence of contraindications. Trichoscopy has become popular among hair diagnostics due to its advantages:

  • procedure is painless and does not cause discomfort to the patient;
  • it requires a minimum of time;
  • technique is informative and indicative for any problems (from skin irritation to hair loss).

Trichoscopy is used to determine the following:

  • type of skin and hair, their general condition;
  • hair diameter and structure, the degree of its destruction or thinning;
  • number and condition of hair follicles, their possible damage;
  • total number of hairs, their density in different areas of the head and per unit area;
  • phases and rate of hair growth;
  • symptoms of inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • activity of secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands.

Indications for trichoscopy

Examination of hair and scalp is carried out using a computer trichoscope. A trichoscope is a small medical device that gives an enlarged image of the skin. The enlarged image of the hair is displayed on the monitor and allows the specialist to visually assess the condition of the skin and hair, to detect foci of peeling and inflammation, the presence of scars and ulcers.

Trichoscopy of scalp and hair is indicated in the following cases:

  • hair loss, its slow growth;
  • all types of alopecia;
  • dandruff;
  • dry or oily seborrhea;
  • need to assess the hair condition after aggressive chemical exposure (dyeing, curling);
  • aesthetic problems with hair - quickly oily, dry, brittle, dull, lifeless;
  • need for individual selection of a complex of caring cosmetics for hair and scalp.

Trichological examination allows not only making an accurate diagnosis, but also tracking changes in hair growth cycles, monitoring the effectiveness of the selected therapy, adjusting treatment in time and selecting optimal procedures considering the characteristics of the patient’s body.

Procedure of hair and scalp examination with a trichoscope

The trichoscopy procedure takes up to half an hour. The trichologist examines the patient’s complaints, anamnesis of his/her diseases. The doctor then examines it with a trichoscope, which transmits an enlarged image of the hair and scalp to a monitor, and takes pictures. Image processing allows to analyze the data obtained and draw conclusions regarding the picture of the disease, possible additional tests, proposed methods of treatment or its success (with repeated diagnosis). 

Before trichoscopy, preparation is necessary: do not use antifungal and therapeutic shampoos three days before the examination. Do not wash your hair or use hair cosmetics the day before the examination, and do not dye your hair a week before the examination.

You can make appointment for initial consultation by a trichologist through the online appointment form or by calling the contact phone number indicated on the website. 

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