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Medical centre DoktorPRO in Bratislava

"DoktorPRO" is a medical centre in Bratislava, which is the first specialized centre for solving problems in proctology. Modern methods of diagnostics and painless outpatient treatment without surgical intervention — these are the main reasons to visit "DoktroPRO".

The qualified medical assistance will help you forget about hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other diseases of the rectum.

"DoktorPRO" this is:

  • accurate diagnostics on medical equipment from manufacturers from Germany, USA and South Korea;
  • effective methods of treatment and prevention, without hormonal preparations and surgical intervention;
  • experienced personnel trained in the leading Institute of modern medicine;

In "DoktorPRO" in Bratislava, you will find a pleasant atmosphere, attentive personnel, and leading experts.

In our medical centre you will receive:

  • timely medical diagnostics;
  • efficient and fast treatment;
  • the opportunity of permanent communication with doctors through the hotline;
  • affordable price for all the types of services.

The medical centre "DoktorPRO" in Bratislava offers only certified medicine of domestic and foreign production. Anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antihistaminic preparations are friendly to health and, at the same time, have a high therapeutic action.

Professional approach and modern methods of treatment will restore your health.

Trust the professionals of "DoktorPRO" in Bratislava. We guaranteed will solve your problems with health.


The DoktorPRO is a modern specialized medical center, which will solve your proctological problems.
Trichology is branch of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hair diseases.
Specialist :
Dermatovenerologist in Bratislava: Vasyl Andriichuk  — DoctorPRO
Vasyl Andriichuk
Over the years, ultrasonography (US) is one of the most common and widely used in almost all areas of medicine.
Specialists :
Ultrasound diagnostics doctor in Bratislava: MUDr. Alena Macakova  — DoctorPRO
MUDr. Alena Macakova, PhD
Radiologist doctor
Stepan Reshetar USG doctor, DoktorPRO Bratislava
Stepan Reshetar
US department doctor
MUDr. Marek Hergel doctor of the USG department, DoktorPRO Bratislava
MUDr. Marek Hergel
USG department doctor
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