Non-surgical treatment of anal fissures in Bratislava

How to cure anal fissure in the anus without surgery? How to treat chronic anal fissure, sharpened by hemorrhoids? Who heals the whole bunch of diseases in Ukraine? Such questions confront many of our compatriots. After all, the man most often tends to delay treatment – and receives medical care only when the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures of the rectum without an operation becomes impossible.

Old chronic anal fissure, treatment of chronic inflammation and scarring complications (watchdog polyp) – in such situations, the only option has always been considered a classic dissection scalpel.

Now proctologists of ON Clinic medical centre confidently dare to assure their patients: prompt and effective treatment of anal fissures without operations in Ukraine – it is a real possibility. And it became due to introduction in proctology practice of sparing minimally invasive technologies.

For fissure of rectum treatment by radio waves, first of all, is minimally invasive. And this is a very important characteristic. After all surgery there is one major drawback. Of course, it provides a quick and radical deliverance from the problem. But such treatment is always accompanied by additional tissue trauma, already suffering from inflammation. A diagnosis and treatment of anal fissure at inflammation, especially chronic one, always require a doctor's special attention and care.

Minimally invasive method presupposes minimal trauma. And as a result – fast repair and reduction of postoperative wound rehabilitation period. After surgical excision and subsequent removal of sutures at the incision site, regeneration of tissue occurs within 3-4 weeks.

To treat an anal fissure without surgery – is a sensible approach to the disease, and the patient's body. Proctologists of the multi-profile medical center ON Clinic as a medical strategy have chosen this path. On all stages of work there applied new methods and systems, by which the qualitative diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures in the ON Clinic are carried out. Now, in order to effectively treat the fracture of the rectum, it is not necessary to resort to drastic surgical measures. Gentle excision by "Surgitron" provides minimal pain, no blood loss, comfortable ambulatory treatment regimen and recovery in the short term.

Bloodless excision of fissures with a laser or radio-knife

Fissure conservative treatment in proctology always requires a comprehensive approach. It consists of several highlights:

  • normalization of defecation and improving intestinal peristalsis (diet with plenty of fluids and fiber, administration of soft laxatives);
  • local treatment (rectal suppositories, creams, ointments);
  • rejection of junk food and alcohol.

But such treatment is only relevant for acute anal fissure, a term of which is 1-4 weeks from the date of occurrence. The defect, which is more than three months (this is the age of chronic fissures) does not respond to a conservative therapy. Maximum, which is achievable – is to facilitate the course of the disease. That is, to eliminate the symptoms: relieve itching and burning, partly stop pain. Clinical manifestations are often renewed at hard defecation or diarrhea. Therefore, treatment of chronic fissure of rectum in proctology always meant drastic measures. In other words, removal of scar tissue with a surgical scalpel.

But now to cure fissure of anus in Ukraine, even if it is chronic, it is possible even without surgery.

Treatment of anus fissures with an infrared laser (electrocautery) also applies to the current non-invasive techniques. However, the laser works best with acute anal fissures. Excision of rectal fissures, wearing a protracted character, rarely occurs using only one laser.

The radio wave scalpel in proctology is able to answer the question, whether it is possible without surgery in treatment of the anal fissure. Nowadays, the radiowave excision and treatment of a chronic anal fissure is a viable alternative to classical surgery.

Excision of the anal fissure with a radio wave machine "Surgitron" is carried out without cutting. Contactless radio frequency system performs evaporation of scar formations in 15-20 minutes.

Thanks to a radio-knife "Surgitron", proctologists of the Centre ON Clinic are always ready to tell you how and with what to cure chronic anal fissure as quickly as possible.

Laser and radiowave removal of chronic anal fissure

The process of drug therapy is a symptomatic type of fissure treatment. It eliminates the consequence (modified perianal tissues, pain, spasm of the anal sphincter), and only partially. But it does not eliminate the causes of the disease. Therefore, such treatment is always the risk of recurrence. Only acute anal fissure with early referral can completely succumb to the drug therapy.

Qualitative removal of a chronic fissure in the anal passage is possible in two ways: the classic operational and non-surgical ones. Invasive intervention occurs using a standard scalpel. In the minimally invasive treatment two tools are used: radiofrequency scalpel and laser. The indications for their use is also an internal (the same as external) haemorrhoids, so often associated with fractures.

In parallel with the radiofrequency excision, in the medical center ON Clinic there held the laser excision of an anal fissure. Both methods are called also cauterization.

Thanks to contactless effect on a living tissue, laser removal of fissures is highly sterile. But even it concedes to a radio-knife against painlessness and effectiveness. A good result is achieved only when working with fresh fractures. How to get rid of chronic anal fissure?

There excised an old fissure and its scar complications with a radio-knife "Surgitron". Rough tissues are completely evaporated, and in further the ulcerative defects no longer will be formed.

Is it possible to treat without surgery fissure and hemorrhoids? Possible! Anal fissures of any age, and external hemorrhoids are successfully cured in proctology department of the medical center ON Clinic. What is the cost of the radio wave method of excision of an anal fissure? Of course, minimally invasive treatment cost will be much higher than the standard surgery. But it is always a justified price. Postoperative recovery is rapid, and the treatment results in a full recovery and a highly aesthetic result.

MUDr. Tibor Molnar
MUDr. Tibor Molnar
Doctor of department of proctology

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