Treatment of internal hemorrhoid in Bratislava

One of the classifications of the disease is based on the localization of hemorrhoidal nodes. From this point of view, we distinguish external and internal hemorrhoid (their symptoms are the same), if they are found together, we are talking about the combined form of the disease.
The symptoms of internal hemorrhoid are manifested in a form in which the nodes are located in the lumen of the rectum outside the acute stage and are not visible.

The internal and external hemorrhoidal nodes determine the following factors:

  • disruption of bowel excretion due to malnutrition;
  • poor physical activity;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • irregular bowel voiding;
  • lifting of heavy objects;
  • pregnancy and childbirth in women.

All these causes lead to an increase in the blood flow in the lower pelvis, and the rectal veins are overflowing with blood, sooner or later causing the disease. It is important to start treatment for internal hemorrhoid on time (in this case, surgery will not be needed).

Treatment for internal hemorrhoid

How to cure internal hemorrhoid? When signs of internal hemorrhoid appear, their treatment is selected depending on the size of the nodes and the stage of the disease. At the first stage, at a small node, usually a conservative method - drug therapy in the form of suppositories and ointments is usually chosen. In addition to local treatment, agents can be used to increase the tone of the veins and strengthen the walls of the veins, which prevents the emergence of new and growing existing nodes, thus preventing the occurrence of a chronic internal hemorrhoid. Naturally, the specialist will decide in each individual case how to treat internal hemorrhoid.
Conservative treatment of internal hemorrhoidal nodes - the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, eliminating nodal inflammation and other symptoms of the disease. If such treatment of hemorrhoid is noneffective and symptoms persist, non-invasive methods will be used to eliminate existing nodes, so it is important not to neglect the disease.
Non-invasive methods for treating internal hemorrhoid used in the Medical Center “DoctorPRO” include: infrared electrocoagulation (acting on the trunk of a node with an infrared beam, causing removal of the node) and ligature with latex rings ("gold standard" in proctology: latex ring strings on the hemorrhoidal node compresses its trunk, the blood supply stops, the node dies off and secretes naturally from the body. Both methods are as painless as possible, applied without hospitalization, separation from the family and the presence of side effects.

MUDr. Tibor Molnar
MUDr. Tibor Molnar
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