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Inflammation of the hemorrhoid

Each person has hemorrhoidal venous belts, so the risk of "knowing" hemorrhoid is large enough throughout life. The causes of inflammation of hemorrhoidal nodes may be heavy physical work, ignoring sports activities, the absence of fresh air, poor nutrition, alcohol abuse. Blood circulation is disturbed, and venous blood gradually begins to accumulate. There is a pain, accompanied by itching, bleeding and discomfort in the rectum. Expanding, the nodes can exit the anus and cause significant problems in the patient. Treatment of hemorrhoidal inflammation depends on the stage of the disease and should be controlled by an experienced proctologist.
Hemorrhoid is manifested by the spread of hemorrhoidal veins. With enlargement, hemorrhoidal nodes may exit the anus and cause significant patient discomfort. As a result of this pathology, complications may arise in the form of inflammation of hemorrhoidal nodes, the treatment of which depends on the stage of the disease.
In the first and second stages of a hemorrhoid inflammation, a non-invasive method of treatment is prescribed:

  • suppositories;
  • ointments;
  • gels and creams.

The method of treatment will be determined by the proctologist after the meticulous examination.
In the last stages of inflammation of hemorrhoid, surgery is performed, followed by a relatively complicated recovery. So do not neglect the disease and bring it to a severe stage.
In the network of the Medical Center "DoctorPRO," only non-surgical methods for treatment of hemorrhoid are used.

Treatment of the inflammation of hemorrhoidal nodes

Constipation, problems with emptying at the anal fissure, pregnancy, pelvic edema are the factors that can cause hemorrhoid and cause inflammation of the hemorrhoidal nodes in the anal canal.
Treatment of hemorrhoidal inflammation should be started as soon as possible, delaying the visit to the proctologic center can cause complications of the disease. With prolonged inflammation of hemorrhoid, it causes severe pain during emptying, and gradually the fallout (protrusion) of hemorrhoidal nodes from the anus may gradually occur.
However, if the inflammation of hemorrhoid has already occurred, the following conditions should be observed:

  • provide a soft and regular stool (use laxatives);
  • hygiene of the rectum after emptying;
  • everyday a sitting bath before bedtime.

Treatment of inflammation of the external hemorrhoidal nodes usually occurs by applying a conservative method using therapeutic agents, anti-inflammatory gels and ointments.

MUDr. Tibor Molnar
MUDr. Tibor Molnar
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