Videorectoscopy and anascopy in Bratislava

Anoscopy and rectoscopy are a safe and sparing techniques of endoscopic survey. They allow you to accurately and reliably determine the status of the sigmoid and rectum. As a result, the doctor will choose the best treatment option without consequences and complications.

The method is based on the use of a special unit - a proctosigmoidoscope and an anoscope. With their help, even the initial stage of inflammation can be revealed, the pathologies or defects of congenital or acquired character can be detemined.

The units can penetrate to a depth of 28-32 cm for inspection of the sigmoid colon and 8-12 cm – of the anus. If hemorrhoidal boluses or other defects are arranged too high, use an anoscope inappropriate. In this case, a proctosigmoidoscope is used.

In both cases, the procedure is similar to a coomon rectal examination. The doctor will fulfill every its step gently, painlessly and efficiently. Nothing to be afraid of!

In the DoctorPRO medical network, you can quickly pass the examination without the pain and discomfort. Our specialists will solve your problem gently and will maintain confidentiality.

"The secret" of conducting

It is nothing fearful during the session. The unit excludes contact with the intestine wall, thanks to a special grease on the basis of a gel. This ensures the absence of pain symptoms.

The unit takes the course "forward" and moves slowly through the lumen. At this time, the doctor fixes the seen by a special built-in mini-cam. A few minutes and the results are ready!

What is the use of the survey?

The option of such a diagnosis will allow identifying:

  • cause of discomfort or pain because of a tumor, an ulcer or a polyp;
  • purulent neoplasms;
  • infiltrative reaction;
  • uncharacteristic signs of mucous.

Who should not take a rectosession?

If you have:

  • peritoneal disease;
  • acute anal inflammation;
  • profuse bleeding, narrowing of the lumen or fissures.

In such cases it is necessary to use other methods of survey. Make an appointment to DoctorPRO in your city!

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