Diagnostics and examination in Bratislava

Qualitative diagnosis and therapy will help to be healthy again.

Effective treatment and effective prevention measures to quickly eliminate the root of the disease, and will put you on your feet!

Also, on the doctor's recommendation, the patient may be re-diagnosed to monitor the outcome of treatment.

Types of diagnostics in DoktorPRO Bratislava

You can undergo rectoscopy and anoscopy at the DoktorPRO Bratislava medical center.

Rectoromanoscopy (rectoscopy) is one of the most common methods of endoscopic examination of the rectum and lower sigmoid colon. The popularity of this method is due to the fact that rectoscopy has a high degree of accuracy and reliability, there are virtually no contraindications and the price is acceptable.

Anoscopy is a method of examining the anal canal. It allows you to examine up to 8 - 12 cm of the anal canal, including the anorectal area with internal hemorrhoidal nodes.

After diagnosis, the doctor will determine the most appropriate method of treatment. Our doctors will provide you with timely assistance in the treatment of:

  • hemorrhoids,
  • neoplasm or polyp,
  • inflamed hemorrhoid node,
  • atypical symptom of the rectal mucosa.

At the same time, in the DoktorPRO Bratislava medical center you can undergo various types of ultrasound: pelvic organs, abdominal cavity, breasts, soft tissues, joints, as well as dopplerography. Remember that a diagnostic test helps to detect diseases at an early stage, so if something is bothering you, do not delay a visit to the doctor. At DoktorPRO Bratislava, examinations for patients are comfortable and painless.

You can order a diagnostic examination by phone or you can fill out the order form on the website.

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