Treatment of anorectal pain syndrome in Bratislava

Very often the person experiences pain in the coccygeal bone. And just below the lumbus discomfort can be felt for years - permanently or from time to time. The pain may decrease, disappear or increase while walking, prolonged sitting or defecation. This is in no way associated neither with any changes in the weather nor with osteochondrosis. This is anococcygeal (anorectal) pain. It combines a lot of manifestations, the main symptom of which is a pain in the coccygeal bone, in the regions of perineum and anus: rectalgia, anal neuralgia, anorectal pain coccygodynia.

When there is anococcygeal pain syndrome, then pain of different nature is observed, namely dull pain, shooting pain, extending to the lower part of the abdomen, hips, perineum, buttocks. Quite often, the patient cannot specify the painful place, and complains of pain in the rectum, weight near the coccygeal bone, burning.

Causes of pain in the coccygeal bone (anorectal pain) may be very different. Most often it is:

  • trauma (even old one received many years ago - long before the appearance of pain);
  • violations of the neuro-muscular system of the pelvic floor;
  • changes in the bones of the area;
  • a variety of spinal diseases with neurological symptoms;
  • diseases of the rectum (hemorrhoids, anal fissure, proctitis, etc.), even if they were cured;
  • operations, which led to the scar deformity of the anus;
  • difficult delivery;
  • long sitting on the WC pan;
  • diarrhea, constipation;
  • urogenital organs diseases.

To diagnose this disease, the proctologist uses digital rectal investigation of the coccygeal bone, and also recommended are rectoscopy, roentgenography of the sacrum and coccygeal bone, magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), computer tomography (CT), sphincterometry and other methods of examination techniques. The diagnosis of "anorectal pain" is made only after the excluding a number of diseases - anal fissure, hemorrhoids, sciatica, paraproctitis and others. It is also necessary to exclude the disease of the prostate gland in men and pelvic organs in women.

Before ordering treatment, the doctor should determine the cause of the disease. All the violations revealed are immediately corrected, diseases (including those proctologic and neurologic) are treated. Physiotherapy (laser radiation, ultrasound, UHF-therapy, etc.) should be applied. Sometimes massage is also used for treatment. Surgical treatment is involved according to strict indications.

If your coccygeal bone hurts, refer to the proctologist in DoctorPRO, highly skilled doctor will conduct an examination and find out the cause of the discomfort. It is not necessary to tolerate the pain in the coccygeal bone – it will not pass on its own. After treatment, you are sure to feel better and more comfortable. Call around-the-clock and make an appointment!

MUDr. Tibor Molnar
MUDr. Tibor Molnar
Doctor of department of proctology

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