MUDr. Tibor Molnar

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MUDr. Tibor Molnar
Doctor surgeon proctologist
Patients describe Mr. Molnar as an experienced and patient doctor who knows how to find an individual approach to each patient. He is attentive to treating his patients and performs examinations without pain.
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1982 - Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava, MD. from Pediatrics.
1984 - NsP Nove Zamky, pediatrician doctor.
1988 - 1st Attestation in Surgery.
1994 - Komarno Hospital, surgeon.
1994 - SZU, 2nd attestation in the field of surgery.
2008 - Komarno Hospital, surgeon-consultant.
2019 - Forlife Komarno Hospital, Head Physician of Department of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, surgeon.
2019 - Medical center DoktorPRO - surgeon proctologist.

Cost of appointments

Primary appointment with a proctologist
49 eur
Primary reception of a proctologist pensioner, disabled person
45 eur
Repeated consultation with a proctologist
39 eur
Repeated consultation with a proctologist, pensioner, disabled person
35 eur
Re-appointment to a coloproctologist after a regulated period
49 eur
Repeated consultation with a proctologist, pensioner, disabled person
45 eur
20 eur
Anoscopy retired, disabled
19 eur
25 eur
Rectoromanoscopy retired, disabled
20 eur

MUDr. Tibor Molnar - feedbacks

I have an appointment at MuDr.Molnar. The approach is maximally professional and very pleasant (I have a lot of peace in it). On the fact that this was my first appointment at the proctologist, and I think that fears and nervousness are may be, so the doctor immediately broke their...
Michal Csiba , 18.05.2022. Show answer
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