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The network of medical centers "DoctorPRO" specializes in the effective and non-operative treatment of proctologic diseases. Nonoperative, minimally invasive therapy without pain and without complications is conducted by experienced physicians.
Causes of pain can be detected by a qualified and accurate diagnosis. For a consultation, you can make an appointment by phone or fill out the form "Make an appointment".

Sources of rectal pain

If, when emptying the colon, when a person in the toilet is very "strain", there is acute pain in or around the anal canal, and there are smears of bright red blood in the feces, these are typical symptoms of hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid is the most common cause of rectal pain. Pain in the anal canal occurs in both men and women, may bother for several days, then retreat, recur and repeat at certain intervals of time.
However, pain during bowel voiding and unpleasant, painful sensations in the anal canal can cause not only by hemorrhoid. All diseases that cause stretching, fissures or other damage of the rectum tissue cause rectal pain: abscesses (cavities filled with pus), anal fissures, various cosmetic defects (polyps, condylomas, papillomas), and others.
However, keep in mind that even if the cause of rectal pain is obvious, the diagnosis can not be clearly defined, especially if there is any change in the frequency and quality of the stool.
Let's consider the characteristics of the pain in the rectum and the anal canal when emptying it outside. Let's understand how the diseases that caused these symptoms differ:

  • If rectal pain, both in men and women, is accompanied by diarrhea, the problem may be higher - in the abdominal cavity: colitis, diverticulum, polyps, edema, tumor.
  • Irritable discomfort in the rectum can also cause prostate inflammation. At that time, feelings are similar to sitting on a golf ball.
  • If other symptoms of the prostate also occur - frequent and painful urination - it can be assumed that this is a prostate disease.
  • A cyst of the ovary or an inflammatory disease in the pelvic region can cause pain in women without blood in the feces. In addition, inflammation of the rectum can also cause rectal pain.

What to do with the rectal pain?

To specify the cause of rectal pain, you need a proctologic examination, which is quite simple to do in the network of the Medical Center "DoctorPRO": all you need is to call the phone number that signed on our website and order a date suitable for you, prepare for inspection and trust a professional physician. Already after the first examination using modern diagnostic instruments, the proctologist determines the diagnosis and determines the effective treatment that will relieve you of discomfort and pain in the anus.

MUDr. Tibor Molnar
MUDr. Tibor Molnar
Doctor of department of proctology

The cost of appointments with doctors in Bratislava

Primary appointment with a proctologist
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45 uah.
Repeated consultation with a proctologist
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Repeated consultation with a proctologist, pensioner, disabled person
35 uah.
Re-appointment to a coloproctologist after a regulated period
49 uah.
Repeated consultation with a proctologist, pensioner, disabled person
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Anoscopy retired, disabled
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