Feedback from Mirka for 08.04.2023

Good afternoon, I would like to thank Dr. Molnar who has helped me with the severe pain during bowel movement caused by the anal fissure. Before this visit I was examined at another center, where the initial consultation was much more expensive and also they offered more expensive solution - the operation. So I went to DOCTORPRO for a second opinion where the doctor prescribed a month course of ointments, that completely relieved my pain. I have not been using the ointments for several weeks, and my stool is still completely painless. The surgery is not needed. Thank you so much. I would definitely recommend him.
Bratislava, 08.04.2023 Show answer
Good afternoon, Mirka. Thank you for your positive review and recommendations of our medical establishment. We are glad that you have publicly shared your experience of visiting our clinic and the doctor. It is very important for us that Dr. Molnar has helped to solve a health problem that has been bothering you for a long time. We are sincerely glad that the examination in our clinic left a good impression and you are satisfied with the received services. The DoctorPRO team wishes you good health.
Service Quality Control Department

Feedback about doctor MUDr. Tibor Molnar

I have an appointment at MuDr.Molnar. The approach is maximally professional and very pleasant (I have a lot of peace in it). On the fact that this was my first appointment at the proctologist, and I think that fears and nervousness are may be, so the doctor immediately broke their...
Michal Csiba , 18.05.2022. Show answer
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