Treatment of anal itch in Bratislava

Very often perianal itch appears without apparent reasons. But namely it should be the first shot, which will lead to the doctor. So what is so dangerous in that quite innocent symptom?

Once the sphincter tone reduced, acrid mucus from the rectum gets out, irritates the skin around the anus, and perianal itch appears. The phenomena of the kind show that there are diseases of the rectum and anus. This may be hemorrhoids, anal fissure, tumors, inflammation of the rectum and sigmoid. In addition, perianal itch can also be a symptom of prostatitis, vaginitis, psoriasis, atopic eczema, worm infestations and other unpleasant diseases. That is why you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

To find out the causes of itching (and this is the key to successful treatment), the proctologist will conduct a comprehensive examination, in particular examination, anoscopy, rectoscopy, analyses. Also, the doctor may recommend a special diet rich in fiber, but alcohol, fatty, fried and spicy foods should be excluded. If there is perianal itch, hygiene is very important: washing with cool water after emptying (defecation), flushing the skin.

In this case it is not impossible to practice self-treatment. After all, only the doctor will be able to determine the cause of perianal itch. Therefore if you have any discomfort in the anal region (discomfort in the anus) or any other symptoms of proctologic disease, consult a specialist immediately.

Do not put off this matter for the future, for what to tolerate the discomfort? They will not disappear themselves. In addition, it can be dangerous to your health. So pull yourself together and refer to the "DoctorPRO" medical center.

The skilled proctologists will conduct fast, painless and absolutely comfortable examination of the rectum, make an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment will be appointed, that will help you get rid of the unpleasant disease. Just for half an hour you can be sure that you are all right, or get the appointment, which will help avoid more complicated and dangerous diseases. Be healthy!

MUDr. Tibor Molnar
MUDr. Tibor Molnar
Doctor of department of proctology

The cost of appointments with doctors in Bratislava

Primary appointment with a proctologist
49 uah.
Primary reception of a proctologist pensioner, disabled person
45 uah.
Repeated consultation with a proctologist
39 uah.
Repeated consultation with a proctologist, pensioner, disabled person
35 uah.
Re-appointment to a coloproctologist after a regulated period
49 uah.
Repeated consultation with a proctologist, pensioner, disabled person
45 uah.
20 uah.
Anoscopy retired, disabled
19 uah.
25 uah.
Rectoromanoscopy retired, disabled
20 uah.

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