Treatment of cryptitis in Bratislava

Proctitis (cryptitis) is an inflammatory process in rectal valves caused by an infection in crypts. The disease is manifested by pain, burning, secretions and pain in the anus.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

Symptoms of the proctitis (cryptitis) of the anal canal depend on the stage of the disease, its spread and the general condition of the patient:

  • common symptom - the unpleasant sensation of complete discomfort in the anal canal;
  • many patients suffer from itching and burning sensation;
  • patients have complications with bowel voiding;
  • the pain of different species - long and sharp;
  • bleeding and purulent secretion.

It is only possible to establish an accurate diagnosis of the disease after careful professional examination to exclude factors that cause similar symptoms, such as prostate gland.

What is this disease?

What really means cryptitis and what is crypt? In the anal canal of the rectum, there are peculiar pits that we can imagine in the form of pockets - and these crypts. Their depth varies, the more it is, the more likely it is to develop the disease. Inflammatory processes in crypts arise as a result of insufficient emptying, leaving in them rests of stool. In addition, constipation and diarrhea cause irritation of the folds of the rectum, which can cause additional complications.

How to treat the cryptitis?

If the patient is diagnosed with cryptitis, treatment should be started as soon as possible, as the inflammatory processes can lead to the disease in the chronic stage due to damage of crypt drainage, reinfection of the intestinal tract and irritation. Chronic stage of the disease is accompanied by severe complications - causing acute and chronic paraproctitis, anal fissures, inflammation of the anal gland and others.
After setting the diagnosis, the physician will begin the treatment, choosing the best options from a wide range of modern techniques and tactics, depending on the symptoms of the disease. When treating cryptitis and inflammation of the anus, special medicines (ointments and suppositories) are commonly used.
Keep in mind that treating a disease in an acute stage will take much less time. However, if the disease is ignored, it becomes chronic, the patient has to choose the option of long-term therapy. Therefore, do not postpone a visit to a physician, if you have any problems, consult a proctologist. Modern treatments allow us to assist the patient with any diseases.
If you have only one of these symptoms and you feel discomfort in the rectum, do not hesitate and get to the proctologist at "DoctorPRO" Medical Center as soon as possible. An examination by a specialist will help to identify various diseases at an early stage. And this will greatly simplify and accelerate the full cure.

MUDr. Tibor Molnar
MUDr. Tibor Molnar
Doctor of department of proctology

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