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You can contact the DoktorPRO Medical Center in Bratislava by using the contact numbers:

The DoktorPRO Medical Center is located at 40 Ružinovská Street (on the ground floor of the Ružinov City House — entrance from the street on the left).

You can get to the medical center by public transport:

  1. Chlumeckého stop — tram No. 9
  2. Súmračná or Astronomická stop — bus No. 78
  3. Hlavna stanica stop:
  • bus No. 61 to the Trnavske myto stop, then tram No. 9 to the Chlumeckého stop
  • trolleybus No. 201 to the Trnavske myto stop, then tram No. 9 to the Chlumeckého stop

GPS coordinates: 48.158327; 17.174641299999962.

The work schedule of the DoktorPRO Medical Center in Bratislava: Mon-Fri: 8:00-20:00, Sat: 8:00-17:00, Sun: 9:00-13:00.

Calls are received around the clock.

DoctorPRO in Bratislava is a modern medical center with a sub-specialisation. Our story began in 2017 and during this time, we have helped to get rid of health problems for more than 120,000 patients.

Initially, the key focus of the medical center was proctology. We treat haemorrhoid (1-3 degrees) and anal fissure without surgery using modern techniques. However, today there are other areas in DoctorPRO: dermatology, trichology, diagnostics, and ultrasound.

In order to make the treatment at the DoctorPRO Medical Center comfortable and effective for every patient, we:

  •  installed the latest generation equipment in the medical center;
  • carefully select personnel - from doctors to administrators;
  • maintain cleanliness, in accordance with all sanitary and epidemic standards;
  • control the quality of the services provided, conduct a substantive analysis of each request from patients;
  • stay in touch with patients 24/7.

Every day we improve the level of our service and have endeavoured to quality medicine available to every resident of Bratislava. Choose the best—contact DoctorPRO.

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