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The DoctorPRO private medical center in Bratislava has a narrow specialization: non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids (1-3 stage) and rectal fissures, as well as a unique method for treating psoriasis based on the use of natural products containing no hormonal ingredients.

In 2015 a consolidation of the two well-known medical centers networks, namely ON Clinic and DoctorPRO, took place, which now allows more people to receive effective treatment within the frameworks of a large and experienced corporation.

The medical center is equipped with videodiagnostic equipment.

The services of the DoctorPRO medical center in Bratislava are identical, namely:

Department of proctology (ambulatory proctology):

  • non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids;
  • treatment of fissures (anal fissures);
  • removal of cosmetic defects of the anus (anal fimbriae, papillomas at depth up to 5 cm);
  • removal of polyps;
  • treatment of anorectal pain;
  • treatment of perianal itch.

In our clinic used are exclusively non-surgical methods, which allow carrying out the treatment outpatiently, efficiently, painlessly and without escape from the traditional way of life.

In addition to diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of skin diseases specialists of the Dermatology Department of the DoctorPRO Medical Center in Bratislava specialize in treating psoriasis.

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Trichology is branch of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hair diseases.

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The DoktorPRO is a modern specialized medical center, which will solve your proctological problems.

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