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Doctor surgeon-proctologist in Bratislava: MUDr. Kinga Wursterova  - DoctorPRO

MUDr. Kinga Wursterova

Doctor surgeon-proctologist
Dermatovenerologist in Bratislava: Vasyl Andriichuk  - DoctorPRO

Vasyl Andriichuk

Doctor surgeon proctologist in Bratislava: MUDr. Tibor Molnar - DoctorPRO

MUDr. Tibor Molnar

Doctor surgeon proctologist
Ultrasound diagnostics doctor in Bratislava: MUDr. Alena Macakova  - DoctorPRO

MUDr. Alena Macakova, PhD

Radiologist doctor
Ihor Kovalchuk, doctor - proctologist, DoktorPRO Medical Center

Ihor Kovalchuk

Doctor of the department of proctology
Stepan Reshetar USG doctor, DoktorPRO Bratislava

Stepan Reshetar

US department doctor
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