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The doctor at the ultrasound was very pleasant and made everything clear... I wish you a lot of patients.
Lenka , 18.04.2023. Show answer
Good afternoon, I would like to thank Dr. Molnar who has helped me with the severe pain during bowel movement caused by the anal fissure. Before this visit I wa...
Mirka , 08.04.2023. Show answer
I’ve been very satisfied with Dr. Tretiak’s work. A very pleasant competent doctor, interested in the patient, has explained everything. She has found a problem...
Viktoria , 08.03.2023. Show answer
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Medical center DoktorPRO

Medical Center DoktorPRO in Bratislava is the first specialized center for solving problems in the field of proctology. Modern methods of diagnosis and painless outpatient treatment without the need for surgery - these are the main reasons to visit DoktroPRO.

Qualified medical care will help you forget about hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other diseases of the rectum.

DoktorPRO is:

  • accurate diagnosis on medical devices from well-known manufacturers from Germany, USA and South Korea
  • effective methods of treatment and prevention, without hormones and the need for surgery
  • experienced staff, trained in a leading institute of modern medicine.

At DoktorPRO you will find a pleasant environment, friendly staff and top specialists.

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