Post-partum treatment of anal fissures in Bratislava

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Fissures of rectum after childbirth is a proctology problem that often plagues young women. If left untreated, it becomes chronic, continuing to accompany the patient in his adulthood.

During deliveries, the uterus of a woman is in a state of hypertone, i.e. high tone. This means that it is actively contracted, thus helping to advance the fetus through the mother's birth ways. But in this extremely difficult period for a woman's body, overload is experienced not only by the uterus. The perineal muscles are also strongly contracted- including the sphincter muscles of the anus. So there are fissures in the anus after childbirth.

The delicate problem requires the same delicate decision. In modern medicine, there is a real opportunity to do a little blood, leaving aside the rigid classical surgery and adopting the advanced minimally invasive techniques. When excision the rectum fissures after deliveries is performed by a light surgical method – a gentle radiofrequency one.

Treatment of an anal fissure after childbirth by a radiofrequency method – is not just a guarantee of high-quality and highly aesthetic result. It is a number of important advantages for the patient:

  • absolutely painless;
  • high level of sterility, minimizing the likelihood of postoperative infection, inflammation or swelling;
  • gentle anesthesia (local or spinal anesthesia);
  • absence of post-surgical scars.

Proctology department of the multi-profile medical center DoktorPRO is equipped with modern radio-frequency devices, which are used by the experienced specialists. Here will always help you to get rid of the unnecessary things. So that only pleasant memories about the childbirth would remain.

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