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If a person has an anal itching, the quality of his life gradually begins to decrease. Itching and burning around the back can go on. Many are of the opinion that this is not a life-threatening state, but it is very difficult not to perceive this obsessive irritation that persecutes man day and night. Itching in the anal canal does not allow a person to sleep, reduces appetite, provokes irritability, aggression, depression. It should be noted that anal itching occurs both in young and in elderly patients. And children are no exception.

What happens when there is burning around the anal canal?

The skin around the anus is irritated, red, and starts to soak. Sometimes scratches are visible on it. What causes itching in the anal canal? What are the causes of this itching? The reasons may be different and not at all caused by parasites, as is commonly believed. There is both primary and secondary itching.

  • Primary - is a consequence of the excretion of the contents of the intestinal tract with insufficient closure of the sphincter (anus).
  • Secondary - cause some diseases.

What diseases cause anal itching? Patching in the anus may indicate that it is, for example, dysbiosis, hemorrhoid, anal fissures, cancers, papillomas, polyps. In some cases, itching occurs due to constipation - a firm stool irritates the mucous membrane of the rectum. Burning and itching can also occur with diarrhea.
Sometimes itching around the anus occurs in patients with allergic dermatitis. An irritation occurs due to increased sensitivity to drugs (ointments and suppositories), to detergents used for laundry washing. Dermatitis can also occur with insufficient hygiene in the anus.
Anal itching can be caused by candida infection in women. Therefore, women with this problem should contact the gynecologist as soon as possible, and then visit the proctologist.
Causes of anus itching and skin diseases:

  • eczema;
  • psoriasis;
  • urticaria;
  • lichen planus.

If the itch regularly appears in the anal area, it is necessary to consult a doctor to find out the causes of burning and itching. Believe, the faster you find out what it is for the disease, the faster you get rid of unbearable itching, but also avoid possible complications that over burdens the body.
Keep in mind! Do not use toilet paper with anal itching (hygiene with warm water is necessary after each bowel voiding), wear only cotton linen, exclude spicy and salty foods and alcohol from your diet.
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