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To understand why hemorrhoid can not be cured with the help of folk medicine recipes, it is necessary to explain how and why this tiresomely disease occurs.
What is hemorrhoid? This is an inflammation of the hemorrhoidal nodes, which occur in the body of each person. However, there are factors that cause the accumulation of venous blood in these nodes, and they gradually increase. They often grow to such an extent that they begin to leave the anal canal (acute hemorrhoid). No medication, no folk remedy can lead to compression of the hemorrhoidal node to its original size.
There is only one decision - to remove the node. You can only help yourself in the first stage of the disease, applying warm water, sitting in the baths with herbs and suppositories from the pharmacy. Nevertheless, even with such treatment, hemorrhoid should be examined by a proctologist to determine the precise diagnosis.
The most common cause of hemorrhoid is a sedentary lifestyle. Consequently, 99% of our population is at risk in this group. A person leads a sedentary way of life, and blood accumulates in the veins of the intestinal tract. This is the first step towards the appearance of hemorrhoid. Most of us spend a lot of time at the computer. The widespread use of this "toy" has caused a significant increase in the incidence of hemorrhoid in young people. Today it is not uncommon, as even 18-year-olds suffer from hemorrhoid. Moreover, this proctologic disease is present even in children.
We pay attention to one factor causing hemorrhoid - malnutrition. Excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, spicy, fried foods, fast food in popular fast food establishments all contribute to constipation, and constipation causes inflammation of hemorrhoid.
The connective tissue in the pelvic region decreases with age, which also causes hemorrhoid formation. The risk group includes pregnant women and women after childbirth, as well as people who are actively involved in the sport, because the connective tissue is overloaded, and the muscles (including the muscles of the rectum) are more worn out.

Hemorrhoid in women and girls

Statistics show that women are more likely to have hemorrhoid than men. This is due not only to malnutrition but also to their higher emotionality: in addition to stress, it is known that depression is one of the factors contributing to problems with hemorrhoidal nodes (the causes of hemorrhoid). During the critical days, the pelvic organs are very overloaded, physical exercise or long sitting behind the wheel - all of this can lead to hemorrhoid even after some time. Pregnancy and childbirth - unfortunately, they are also causes of hemorrhoid.
Hemorrhoid in women and girls adhering to a proper diet and not engaged in weightlifting may be due to a genetic predisposition to the disease. Muscular and venous insufficiency can also be hereditary. However, this does not mean that you can ignore the disease. The sooner you go to a physician and start solving the problem together, the faster and easier the treatment will be. Remember that hemorrhoid do not just disappear on their own.
At an early stage, hemorrhoid can be treated. If you contact your physician in time, you may have enough suppositories and seated baths. That is why there is no need to postpone a visit to the proctologist who will examine you, will provide an accurate diagnosis, offer treatment and recommend a suitable diet. Your doctor will explain to you why hemorrhoid cause itching, how to remove discomfort, what to do to avoid recurrence (prevention and treatment of hemorrhoid).
By the way, itching is very common and is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of the disease. The fact is that inflamed hemorrhoidal nodes are subject to constant irritation due to the rests of the stool, the tiny wounds formed on them, and pruritus. If thorough hygiene is not observed and after each emptying the area of the rectum is not washed with water and soap, itching intensifies, as the remains of the stool cause irritation of the anus.

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