Causes of warts

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If you have warts on the face or body, contact a dermatologist. These skin growths do not add us health and beauty. Their cause is human papilloma virus, which you can ‘catch’ from an infected person or through contaminated objects (e.g., someone else’s towel or comb). If warts develop in the genital area, the contamination could be through sexual contact.

The danger of warts is immunity decrease and increase of the risk of malignant neoplasms. A wart can be injured easily by accessories on clothes or by a sponge while bathing because warts can be hanging and reach up to 1 cm in size. Regardless of the type of mechanical damage, they all can cause abnormal changes in the cells. This is an additional stimulus for the virus: new warts can appear.

The main causes of warts:

  • lack of personal and intimate hygiene;
  • open wounds and scratches on the face and body;
  • non-treated inflammation in the body;
  • unhealthy lifestyle.

Warts can be associated with one or more predisposing factors. Sometimes even forgetfulness can be a cause. For example, if a virus got on the hands and after coming home, you forgot to wash them, you can transfer HPV even to the face. This applies particularly to public places (baths, saunas, swimming pools). After visiting such places do not forget about hygiene, in particular, wash your hands with soap and water.

You can get treatment of warts using non-surgical techniques in the ‘DoctorPRO’ Medical Center. You can remove a wart today after visiting a dermatologist. The doctor will help to determine the cause of the infection and prescribe a comprehensive recovery program.

Radio-wave wart removal in the ‘DoctorPRO’

Depending on the human papilloma virus, a wart can develop on the neck, soles, hands, feet or back. The most frequent places of wart location are the feet and hands. Walking on contaminated surfaces or using contaminated items that contact with the hands is a frequent cause of infection.

Removing plantar warts or warts, which develop on other parts of the body, is a necessity. It will return beauty to your face and body. However, the treatment does not end here. You need to fight the virus, to stop its harmful influence on the body, especially on the immune system.

In the ‘DoctorPRO’, wart removal is performed using radiowave therapy. This technique allows removing skin growths skin by using the ‘Surgitron’ device.

Advantages of radio-wave wart removal:

  • the procedure is performed without general anesthesia;
  • no marks or scars on the procedure site;
  • painless wart removal;
  • removal in 1 session, which lasts no more than an hour;
  • you can leave the clinic immediately after the radio-wave surgery.

The principle of a radio wave action is similar to the action of the scalpel: it cuts off a growth to the root, while sterilizing the procedure site. This eliminates the possibility of wound infection and promotes rapid healing. A radio-wave method helps to remove moles without a trace. It is also used successfully in gynecology and proctology.

Make an appointment with a dermatologist in the ‘DoctorPRO’ to remove warts in one session. You can do this by phone or using the contact form on the website.

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