Mária Semanová

MUDr., intern doctor of the Dermatology department. 

2014participation in biomedical research: Use prevalence probiotics in cancer patients at NOU in Bratislava.

2016Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Bratislava. Department: General Medicine.

2016secondary doctor at internal department in DONsP, Dolný Kubín.

2016secondary doctor at the Dermatology Department of FNUSA in Brno.

2017Assistant in Dermatovenerology, Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine, Brno.

2017National Dermatovenerological Congress in Brno, Case Report: An Interesting Case of Psoriasis and Vitiligo Coincidence.

2017Czechoslovak Dermatological Congress Olomouc.

201723rd National Dermatological Congress in Brno.

2017Certificate of Interdisciplinary Forum Participation: Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease.

2017Confirmation of inclusion in specialized outpatient department for systemic treatment of psoriasis, participation in Children's Dermatovenerology Congress in Brno.

2017Psoriasis Panel Study Confirmation - Treatment options are still evolving.

2018Certification Seminar Certificate: Working with AHA GlycoHyal Syncare.

2018Certificate of certification seminar: Mesotherapy by piercing method - dermaroller.

201824th National Dermatological Congress in Prague.

2018Certificate of Professional Seminar: Meeting of Experts in Biological Therapy of Psoriasis.

2018Member of the European Academy of Dermatovenerology member of the Slovak Medical Chamber, Czech Medical Chamber, Czech Dermatovenerology Society, Czech and Slovak Clinical Oncology.

2019Medical center DoktorPRO - intern doctor of the Dermatology department.


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