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Moles are pigmented neoplasms on human skin. Regarding the nature of the occurrence, all moles are divided into congenital and acquired. The greatest danger to human health is the congenital form, since it can often degenerate into a malignant neoplasm, which is called melanoma. Mole removal should be followed immediately if you notice that it has increased in size, changed its shape and color.

When does a mole on the body become dangerous?

Moles are usually not dangerous to human health. If a mole is damaged on the edges of clothing or metal parts located on it, inflammation may form.

The degeneration of a mole into a malignant neoplasm can be triggered by excessive exposure to the sun; it should be noted here that the threshold of healthy insolation is different for everyone, therefore it is very difficult to determine it. Remember not to stay in the sun for too long.

A mole can transform into a malignant neoplasm as a result of trauma or hormonal changes in the body, for example, during pregnancy.

Depending on the possibility of the birthmark degenerating into a malignant one, there are two types of pigmentary neoplasms:

  • melanoma-dangerous (these include blue, giant pigmented, junction pigmented nevi, Dubreuil’s precancerous cells, Ota's nevi);
  • melanomone-nondangerous.

Signs of malignant moles

If a mole suddenly begins to grow, change color and shape, itch, become inflamed and hurt, then the question arises about the need to remove the mole. A mole can degenerate into a malignant neoplasm, capable of metastasizing to the lymph nodes, lungs and even the heart.

Signs of malignant moles requiring prompt removal:

  • asymmetry;
  • uneven edges;
  • change of the original color, shade;
  • increase in the mole size;
  • appearance of cracks on the surface of the mole.

If one or more of the above signs appear, you should immediately contact a dermatologist and consult about methods for treating a mole.

Methods for removing moles at “DoctorPRO Bratislava”

Removal of a mole in a radical way (by surgery) is fraught with complications. After all, any operation is performed using anesthesia (general or local), which negatively affects the human body. Moles are removed at “DoctorPRO Bratislava” using Surgitron radio wave apparatus.

Advantages of radio wave removal of moles:

  • absence of scars and cicatrices after treatment;
  • fast wound healing;
  • exposure only to the area of the nevus;
  • painless removal of moles.

To treat a mole, a high-frequency radio wave is used, the heating temperature of which is minimal. This avoids injury and skin burns. The duration of the procedure with “Surgitron” apparatus is individual in each case. On average, the treatment of the affected skin area does not take more than 2-3 minutes.

Radio wave removal of moles is very popular because the procedure takes a little time, is almost painless and does not provoke complications. To make appointment, call the number indicated on the website or fill out the online appointment form.

MD. Denisa Košecká
MD. Denisa Košecká
Doctor of department of dermatology

The cost of appointments with doctors in Bratislava

Re-admission of a dermatovenereologist after a regulated period
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Primary appointment with a dermatologist with digital dermatoscopy
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Primary reception of a dermatovenereologist, pensioner, disabled person
35 uah.
Primary appointment with a dermatologist
39 uah.
Re-admission of a dermatovenereologist after a regulated period pensioner, disabled person
35 uah.
Re-admission to a dermatovenereologist
35 uah.

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