Treatment of Seborrhea in the DoctorPRO

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Seborrheic dermatitis is a dangerous dermatological disease that transforms quickly from acute to chronic. The most common disease location is the T-zone of the nose and forehead as well as the chin. Sometimes seborrhea develops to the upper part of the chest, abdomen and back. The disease is diagnosed in adults (after 35 years), more often in elder women and men.

Causes of seborrhea can be different. The main factors that cause dermatitis include:

  • metabolic disorders;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • decreased immunity;
  • hormone imbalance, stress and depression.

Those people who are diagnosed with upper or lower limb paralysis, Parkinson’s disease or nervous breakdown have a high propensity for emergence of seborrhea.

Signs of seborrhea appear immediately: areas of skin start to itch flake and are covered with red spots. Usually seborrhea spreads quickly to the scalp. Sometimes red spots appear even in the ear canal.

If seborrhea is not treated, it favors bacterial and other infections in the body (usually in the internal organs).

Diagnostics of seborrhea in the ‘DoctorPRO’ is performed by an experienced dermatologist with the help of laboratory tests and digital dermatoscopy. This method allows determining the depth of tissue lesions and choosing the most effective treatment option.

Digital dermatoscopy is a painless way to examine the affected skin. It is used to diagnose many dermatological diseases.

Treatment of seborrhea in the clinic starts with the examination of the affected skin of the patient by a doctor, study of medical history and test results. After this dermatologist develops a unique comprehensive rehabilitation program.

Types of seborrhea

The disease should not be ignored, it is better to seek medical help immediately. The disease can occur in different forms, among which are:

  • oily seborrhea is a result of intensive function of the sebaceous glands. Often its cause is unbalanced diet and weight problems. Through time dandruff appears, skin gets unhealthy shade;
  • dry seborrhea is a lack of sebum production. It resembles small rash and looks like dust. Often it develops on the scalp. It is characterized by hair loss and hair breaking;
  • mixed seborrhea has symptoms of oily and dry seborrhea.

Treatment of seborrhea in the ‘DoctorPRO’ will help to get rid of the disease without hospitalization. You will undergo treatment on an outpatient basis. The doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory medications that help to eliminate inflammation. If needed, a doctor prescribes physiotherapy treatment.

If the disease is too severe, it is extremely difficult to treat seborrhea. In this case, a doctor alleviates symptoms and treats exacerbation. Usually seborrhea develops if you have gastrointestinal diseases, hormone imbalance or severe diseases. Therefore, a comprehensive treatment is appointed considering the medical history. In general, supportive treatment is prescribed for a patient.

Prevention of seborrhea consists in good personal hygiene. In particular, doctors recommend taking shower every day, avoiding contact with people and animals who have microsporia or other skin diseases.

It is important to review your diet, get doctor’s or nutritionist’s advice. Alcohol consumption and substance abuse increase the risk of disease.

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