Reasons to remove moles

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People say: ‘The more moles on the face and body of the person, the more happiness in life’. Only doctors do not support this belief. Moles (nevi) can rapidly transform and lead to the development of cancer.

According to statistics, about 100 of dermatological diseases develop particularly because of the transformation of moles. That is why dermatologists recommend, first and foremost, to get rid of hanging moles. They can easily be injured by metal objects or decoration on clothes, by sponge while bathing or just scratched by nails.

Diagnostics of moles in the ‘DoctorPRO’ will help to identify the most dangerous skin growths. Experienced doctors use up-to-date diagnostic procedures (e.g. digital dermatoscopy) to find transformed moles and those under the influence of many external factors, which are at risk of it.

Treatment of moles is removing moles using non-surgical techniques. Unlike surgery, these methods are safe and they are used successfully in the European countries. You can remove a mole using the radio-wave surgery in the ‘DoctorPRO’. Other methods of removing moles (laser, scalpel removal) do not give such an effect.

Removal of moles by the radio-wave method allows preventing wound infection. Radio wave sears a procedure site. After the procedure, the person can immediately leave the hospital.

In the ‘DoctorPRO’ under the supervision of qualified dermatologists, face moles are removed without scarring. Such growths look ugly and can cause psychological problems on the face and other exposed parts of the body. Doctors can remove growths, which cannot be hidden under clothes.

Mole removal in the ‘DoctorPRO’

Radical mole removal (surgery) could lead to complications. Any surgery is performed only under general anesthesia. If a patient is diagnosed with a transformation of growth in a malignant formation, you can solve the problem in a more gentle way. For example, appoint a removal of moles in one session in the ‘DoctorPRO’. This is a real opportunity to avoid meeting a scalpel of a surgeon.

A dermatologist will examine the affected area and conduct necessary tissue tests. If suspicions about the transformation of the nevus are confirmed or if it is located in the ‘uncomfortable’ area on the body, it should be removed.

Mole removal in the ‘DoctorPRO’ is performed using the radio-wave method. Unlike other non-invasive techniques (for example, laser surgery) radio wave is considered more effective.

Advantages of radio-wave mole removal:

  • no scars after the procedure;
  • rapid healing of wounds;
  • influence only the nevus area;
  • painless mole removal.

To treat a growth a high-frequency radio wave is used, the heating temperature of which is minimal. This helps to avoid skin injuries and burns. The duration of the procedure with the ‘Surgitron’ device is individual in each case. On average, the treatment of the affected skin area does not take more than 2-3 minutes.

A radio-wave treatment is used not only in dermatology. It is considered one of the least traumatic tools in the treatment of neurosurgical, gynecological, urological and proctological diseases. For example, by using a radio-wave treatment you can treat cervical erosion and get rid of the anal fimbriae without pain.

Mole removal in a single session in the ‘DoctorPRO’ is conducted by appointment with a dermatologist. You can make an appointment with a doctor by phone or using the contact form on the website.

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