Julia Koviekhova

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Julia Koviekhova Julia Koviekhova
Dr. Koviekhova is an experienced gynecologist with more than 22 years of professional experience. A qualified specialist who can assist in resolving gynecological issues. The doctor performs aesthetic-plastic surgical correction of genital organs using the latest technologies. Continuously enhances professional skills by participating in seminars, training sessions, and courses.
Вернуться назад к описанию врача
1999 - General Medicine; Faculty of Medicine; Dnipro, Ukraine.
2001 - Doctor; Obstetrics and Gynecology Department; Dnipro City Maternity Hospital No. 2; Ukraine.
2008 - Doctor; Private Reproductive Medicine Clinic; Dnipro, Ukraine. Practice in the departments of prenatal care, aesthetic gynecology, endocrinology, and gynecology.
2022 - Gynecologist; DoktorPRO Medical Centre; Bratislava, Slovakia.
2022 - Master's course in Aesthetic Gynecology, European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ECAMS). The latest technologies in aesthetic and plastic gynecology.

The cost of a gynecologist consultation in Bratislava The prices for consultations are indicated in the price list. The cost of treatment is determined after consultation with the doctor. There are age restrictions.

Primary gynecological examination with USG
71 eur
Primary gynecological examination without USG
49 eur / 47 eur
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Repeated consultation gynecologist
29 eur / 28 eur
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Repeated diagnostic gynecological examination
49 eur / 47 eur
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Ultrasonographic examination
Ultrazvuk panvových orgánov žien (maternica, prívesky)

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