Hair plasmolifting in Bratislava

For the treatment of hair diseases, various procedural methods of treatment are increasingly used, one of which is plasma therapy. Plasmolifting or PRP therapy is a modern injection procedure when a doctor injects a patient’s blood plasma concentrate enriched with platelets into problem areas of the skin.

Advantages of PRP therapy for hair

The blood plasma of each of us contains glucose, lipids, proteins, vitamins and other components. It protects the body from foreign bodies, facilitates the supply of nutrients to all cells and organs.

The advantages of plasma therapy include:

  • ability to use it for solving a wide range of problems;
  • safety;
  • long-term effect;
  • small number of contraindications;
  • compatibility with other types of cosmetic procedures.

As a rule, PRP-therapy involves the use of pure plasma, without impurities and harmful chemical compounds. A portion of the blood plasma concentrate provides the hair follicles with everything they need, which leads to getting rid of:

  • dandruff and dry scalp;
  • functioning of the scalp sebaceous glands is normalized;
  • hair fragility and loss.

How often can head plasmolifting be performed?

The main structural element responsible for hair growth is the follicle. To restore its functionality, one PRP therapy procedure is not enough. To consolidate the therapeutic effect, the interval between injections shall be at least 7-10 days. The results of hair plasma therapy will be noticeable after undergoing a full-scale continuous course of treatment.

How is plasma therapy carried out?

Plasmolifting is an injection technique - it involves the subcutaneous injection of concentrated blood plasma, enriched with platelets and having a biostimulating effect, into problem areas of the body. The procedure activates the process of stem cell reproduction and the growth of new, young tissues. As a result, the regeneration of the skin and body tissues occurs.

To obtain the active substance, the patient’s venous blood is taken. The resulting material is placed in a centrifuge. It unwinds as often as necessary to release the platelet portion of the blood.

Platelet-rich plasma is injected with a syringe into pre-designated areas that have been pretreated with a bactericidal agent and a local anesthetic.

The medical center “DoctorPRO Bratislava” offers a complex of plasma therapy procedures. For PRP therapy, our center uses the latest equipment, which ensures the effectiveness of the method and the safety of its implementation. You can make appointment with a trichologist by filling out an appointment form, or call the specified phone number on the website.

MD. Denisa Košecká
MD. Denisa Košecká
Doctor of department of trichology

The cost of appointments with doctors in Bratislava

Primary appointment of a trichologist with trichoscopy
80 eur
Repeated consultation with a trichologist with trichoscopy of a pensioner, a disabled person
63 eur
Repeated consultation with a trichologist with trichoscopy
70 eur
Repeated consultation with a trichologist
39 eur
Primary reception of a trichologist with trichoscopy of a pensioner, a disabled person
72 eur
Primary appointment with a trichologist
55 eur
Primary reception of a trichologist, a pensioner, a disabled person
50 eur
39 eur

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