Hair mesotherapy in Bratislava

Mesotherapy for hair is an injection technique used today in trichology for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the scalp and hair. During the procedure, medications are used that enhance hair growth, provide it with the necessary nutrients, strengthen the hair follicles and the walls of the scalp vessels.

Indications for hair mesotherapy

One of the most popular and effective techniques for treating hair and scalp in trichology is mesotherapy. It is used both as a method of monotherapy and as a component of complex treatment, since the ampoules for mesotherapy include vitamin cocktails, plant phytoestrogens, blockers of dihydrotestosterone (testosterone precursor that promotes alopecia).

Indications for hair mesotherapy are:

  • dysfunction of the sebaceous glands of scalp (seborrhea);
  • presence of dandruff;
  • hair loss (alopecia);
  • premature loss of hair pigment (gray hair);
  • deterioration of hair quality (brittleness, loss of shine and split ends), etc.

What is the difference between hair plasma-lifting and mesotherapy?

During mesotherapy, pharmacy drugs are used, and during plasma lifting, drugs are injected from the patient’s venous blood.

The hair plasmolifting drug consists of blood plasma enriched with platelets, which stimulate the renewal of epidermis (skin and hair cells). Accumulating directly around the hair follicles, platelets direct the hair growth factor to the desired area and activate hair growth.

The selection of the treatment method (hair plasmolifting or mesotherapy) is carried out by the doctor, depending on the type of disorder and the purpose of the procedure. Often, both procedures are prescribed for maximum efficiency.

Preparation for hair mesotherapy

Before undergoing a treatment course, the patient should be consulted by a trichologist. The doctor determines the state of his/her health, asks about the well-being, collects information on the diseases the patient has suffered and diagnoses, and excludes possible contraindications. The doctor also diagnoses the condition of hair and scalp to determine the list of disorders that need to be corrected. The trichologist selects individual complex of drugs for mesotherapy for hair loss and makes an allergic test for their tolerance by the patient.

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MD. Denisa Košecká
MD. Denisa Košecká
Doctor of department of trichology

The cost of appointments with doctors in Bratislava

Primary appointment of a trichologist with trichoscopy
80 uah.
Repeated consultation with a trichologist with trichoscopy of a pensioner, a disabled person
63 uah.
Repeated consultation with a trichologist with trichoscopy
70 uah.
Repeated consultation with a trichologist
39 uah.
Primary reception of a trichologist with trichoscopy of a pensioner, a disabled person
72 uah.
Primary appointment with a trichologist
55 uah.
Primary reception of a trichologist, a pensioner, a disabled person
50 uah.
39 uah.

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