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Dermatoscopy in Bratislava

Digital dermatoscopy is an examination of various types of skin neoplasms with multiple magnification. Thanks to dermatoscopy, it became possible to diagnose melanoma at an early stage.

For examination of skin neoplasms, a special apparatus is used - dermatoscope. The dermatoscope allows you to display a color image of the skin on a high-resolution screen (for a more reliable and accurate diagnostics).

When to undergo dermatoscopy?

If a skin neoplasm appears or the “old” mole has changed, then immediately visit the doctor. This indicates pathogenic changes in its structure, which is not always safe for human health and life.

Accidental trauma to the neoplasm with hands or clothing, intense rubbing or careless combing will entail unforeseen complications.

At “DoctorPRO Bratislava” you will receive a consultation by our dermatologist, as well as a doctor will assign you diagnostics and effective treatment.

Diagnostics of moles and neoplasms on the skin

Dermatoscopy in Bratislava is performed by highly qualified dermatologists. During dermatological examination, a special device is applied to a mole on the body - a digital dermatoscope, which repeatedly enlarges the skin neoplasm (up to 800X) and displays it on a high-resolution screen in color. Dermatoscopy allows not only to enlarge a mole hundreds of times, but also to save information about it in electronic form on a computer. The dermatologist will be able to notice pathological changes in the nevus in time by comparing the images obtained at different times.

If you notice a change in pigmentation, an active growth of a mole on the neck, body, limbs, or feel itching at its location, you should immediately make appointment with a dermatologist at the medical center “DoctorPRO Bratislava”. To make appointment, call the phone number listed on the website or fill out the online appointment form.

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