Clinic DoctorPRO in Bila Tserkva

DoctorPRO in Bila Tserkva medical center - Proctology and dermatology

The DoctorPRO Medical Center is the private specialized medical institution dealing with problems in the field of proctology and dermatology.

The establishment of the center was attended by practitioners – proctologists and dermatologists.

Doctors of the DoсtorPRO Medical Center were trained at the Institute of Modern Medicine - the world's largest network of clinics, where specialists for more than 30 years successfully work in the non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids and non-hormonal treatment of psoriasis.

You can find the license of "DoctorPRO" in Bila Tserkva here.

The cost of admission professionals

 Primary proctologist examination (includes: anoscope, rectoscopy, digital rectal examination, physical examination).  250 UAH. 
 Repeated reception proctologist  200 UAH. 
 Initial examination of a dermatologist (include: history taking, examination of the skin, diagnosis, consultation).  230 UAH.
 Repeated reception dermatologist  180 UAH. 
 Digital dermatoscopy   100 UAH. 
 Primary reception therapist  150 UAH.
 Re-therapist reception  130 UAH.


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