Examination in proctology

We often hear from our patients concerns as regards to the painfulness of an examination, fear, embarrassment ... . Believe us, the examination at the proctologist even hard to compare with the torments and sufferings, which hemorrhoids or a fissure of the rectum bring you. Do not put off a visit to the doctor, and the most important, DO NOT BE ENGAGED IN SELF-TREATMENT!

A proper proctologic examination is the first and most important condition for making a correct diagnosis.

In the DoctorPRO medical center used are modern methods of video examination: video anascopy and video rectoscopy. Video diagnostics methods allow the doctor to determine the disease course maximally accurate and to most often prevent oncopathologies. Modern video equipment allows you taking photos and storing them in a database. The patient has the ability to monitor the progress of treatment. The doctor uses digital photos to demonstrate to patients how the disease looks like and what has been achieved in the course of treatment.

Having arranged for an examination, each patient receives the best service only:

  • pre-registration by telephone and providing complete information;
  • a reminder of the upcoming visit by telephone;
  • friendly and tactful staff.

How the examination at the proctologist occurs

The patient does not need to concern about anything prior to a visit to the doctor. The clinic provides all the necessary things for procedures: disposable proctology underwear, in which you will feel yourself more comfortable, as well as, when needed, anaesthetic gels are used to relieve the discomfort. Remember, it is necessary to prepare to a visit to the proctologist, in particular to cleanse the intestines.

An examination is often lasts about 30-40 minutes and consists of several stages:

  • an initial examination, which consists of the external and physical (digital) diagnosis;
  • To reveal more complex problems, used is diagnostics based on proctologic micro instruments and a special video equipment, which allows seeing the disease and determining its specificity the maximally accurate.

This kind of diagnosis is divided into several types depending on the depth of an examination:

Anascopy is an examination of the rectum to a depth of 10 cm, which allows the doctor to visually identify the problem. This procedure is carried out carefully and gradually with the aid of a simple instrument anoscope, owing to which the pain sensations are excluded. To remove the discomfort, anesthetic gels are used (Mezokain).

Video rectoscopy is an examination to a depth of 25 cm such that a detailed image of internal organs is displayed on the screen. Thus, the doctor not only can deliver a reliable diagnosis, but also explain to the patient, in what area it detected a problem is revealed. The rectoscopy is most effective in diagnosing the slightest disturbances (fissures, ulcers, tumors) and recommended as prophylaxis to the people older than 40 years, since it is namely from this age most often the problems with the intestines begin .

Specialists of the DoctorPRO medical center conduct a delicate and accurate diagnosis of any disorders in work of the intestine. Proctology, namely, non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures of the rectum, is a priority line of the center’s work.


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